Hey everybody! I have some very exciting news to share with you all. I am ecstatic to announce that I am writing a book!!!! I am working with Eliezer Tristan Publishing which is a wonderful publishing company that is passionate about stories of mental health and strength. This was so unexpected, but I am absolutely... Continue Reading →

Healthline Depression Awareness Campaign

Hi everyone! About a week ago I was asked to partner with Healthline for their major depressive disorder (MDD) awareness campaign. Healthline asked myself and others to share our stories, how we fight stigma, practice self-care, and start conversations about depression and mental health. Here are screenshots of my initial post for this campaign as... Continue Reading →

Major Breakthrough.

Content Warning: weight-loss (no numbers!), dieting, eating disorder behaviors The last several months I feel like a part of me has been in hiding with the eating disorder recovery community. What I mean by this is that I haven't been sharing some of the more vulnerable and challenging aspects of my recovery, and I want... Continue Reading →

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