Major Breakthrough.

Content Warning: weight-loss (no numbers!), dieting, eating disorder behaviors The last several months I feel like a part of me has been in hiding with the eating disorder recovery community. What I mean by this is that I haven't been sharing some of the more vulnerable and challenging aspects of my recovery, and I want... Continue Reading →

Simply Complicated.

Note: This is NOT a review of Demi Lovato's documentary "Simply Complicated." This piece discusses my experience watching it & the positive impact it had on my recovery. Content Warning: eating disorder behaviors About a week ago the inspirational Demi Lovato came out with a very honest and raw documentary. As most of you know... Continue Reading →

I Am Still Here

Content Warning: This post is about the anniversary of my suicide attempt. I have not described any details of the actual attempt, but I wanted to give a warning as to what this post's topic is. Five years ago I tried to take my own life. August 27th will always be a difficult day for me. It's... Continue Reading →

I’m Scared Too

Trigger Warning: disordered thoughts, heavily retouched photo For those of you who follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook have probably noticed that I've been participating in Kenzie Brenna's #SelfLoveBootcamp for the month of July. There's a different theme every day, and I've honestly found it really helpful so far. I... Continue Reading →

Graduated (part 2)

On Monday, May 1st I graduated from Portland DBT Institute! I said goodbye to the therapist I have become so attached to since March of 2016. I hate saying goodbyes. In particular to therapists. We are expected to open up to a therapist and to be raw and honest. It typically becomes one of the... Continue Reading →


Feature images: Demi Lovato's book, Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year. Where do I even begin? 21 days since I last blogged and holy crap have these past 3 weeks been difficult. I suppose a good place to start would be why I chose those images since I don't usually put pictures in my actual blog... Continue Reading →

Complexity of Emotions

During my many years of treatment, I've realized that a big part of the recovery process is getting in touch with yourself. During the worst times of my eating disorder, I wanted to disconnect from my body. I basically wanted nothing to do with my body, which created a lot of strain. My mind was causing... Continue Reading →

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